Falcon Grove acquires 100% of the rights for the dramatic thriller, Blindfold Vision

Posted on February 11, 2016

When a mob enforcer tries to recall being held hostage, both he and the police question his clouded recollections, amplified by having mysteriously gone blind and his captor being his own double.

Falcon Grove is pleased to announce it has acquired 50% of the rights it didn't own for the dramatic thriller, Blindfold Vision. After a fruitful period of development collaboration with Death Valley Release, Falcon Grove acquired the rights to further develop Blindfold Vision in the international production market. David Grover said of the acquisition, "Johan Vandewoestijne from Death Valley Release came up with a wonderful story that's a real page-turner. Falcon Grove is excited to take Blindfold Vision through the remainder of development, production and release." For more information on the project, David can be contacted at david at falcongrove dot com.