Posted on May 12, 2022

On May 18th, THE DUTCH ANGLE PROJECT makes its debut at the Marché du Film in Cannes, France.

Thijs Meuwese, Monne Tuinhout, and David Grover are proud to announce the formation of THE DUTCH ANGLE PROJECT. The project is an initiative to produce low-budget Genre films in the province of Noord-Brabant in the Netherlands.

The trio believes that Genre films are under-represented in the Netherlands and that there is a pool of talented filmmakers in the south of the Netherlands that are underutilized. The DUTCH ANGLE PROJECT aims to change that by establishing a Genre feature-film-making hub in Brabant. By giving Brabant-based filmmakers an opportunity to work on feature projects in Brabant, Dutch Angle plans to help grow a film-making hub in the South.

With the support of BrabantC, the project's first round, which will see the production of two features, is fully financed with shoots scheduled for the fall of 2022. The projects are:

"Psychonaut" is a Sci-Fi/Horror/Drama with the themes of parenthood, a sense of security/belonging, and LGBT+ emancipation. It explores a person’s memories and emotions in a dreamlike, surrealist landscape. Through a series of flashbacks, enabled by a mysterious futuristic machine, we witness the characters dive deep into the mind of a dying young woman, trying to find the essential memory that could save her life while being hunted by a man they presumed to be dead.

"Silence!" is a horror film about a young dancer who, after a freak accident at an abandoned high school that kills her fiancé, sees the ghosts of missing teens and discovers she has a rudimentary ability to interact with them. Her dead fiancé plagues her psyche. What do the spirits want from her? Can she find out before a lurking dangerous evil kills (literally) her link with the Netherworld? Can she set the spirits, and ultimately herself, free?

David Grover has been based in Den Bosch since 2015. Grover said, "I'm excited to work with Monne and Thijs on this ambitious project. Thijs has proven his mettle in the low-budget genre sphere with KILL MODE and MOLLY, and I'm excited to have a front-row seat as he continues to up his game. Monne and I are long-term collaboration partners, and starting a company with Monne and Thijs was the natural next step."

Thijs Meuwese said, "I've had the rare opportunity to direct Genre features in the Netherlands, and am incredibly excited to join forces with David and Monne to extend that opportunity to other talented filmmakers."

Monne Tuinhout, under the Branded Cinema banner in Eindhoven, is a prolific producer of documentaries, dance films, and commercials.

The three are already planning for the second round and are on the hunt for projects. Please look them up if you have a low-budget genre script @ [email protected].

More information can be found at:

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